SpeakUp Now Mission

The mission of SpeakUp Now is to forge workplace harmony, nurture a growth mindset for employees, and inspire organizations and companies to embody a vibrant culture

About Us

Throughout my career, I've navigated substantial workplace challenges, grappling with various "isms", questionable tactics, and inappropriate conduct in both startup and Fortune 500 companies. Despite these hurdles, I consistently enriched my skill sets and broadened my expertise. Nevertheless, I persistently invested time and resources seeking roles within companies that prioritized a healthy culture, recognizing its crucial role in boosting morale, achieving outstanding performance, and contributing to my career success.

Reflecting on my journey, I couldn't ignore the goal to contribute meaningfully to help others. I hail from a lineage deeply rooted in the pursuit of justice; my late grandparents, comrades of Gandhi in India's fight for freedom, shared the confines of imprisonment. This legacy inspired me to wonder how I could bring about positive change in the world.

After introspection, it was time to infuse more purpose into my career. Armed with a wealth of experience, a passion for perpetual learning, and an unwavering commitment to cultural evolution, I dedicated myself to crafting a solution for the pervasive culture crisis afflicting industries worldwide.

Because workplace culture matters...SpeakUp Now.

Prachi Dumas
Founder & CEO of SpeakUp Now

Our Vision

At SpeakUp Now, we envision a future where employees and employers collaborate to build an optimal culture as a foundation for enhanced performance and lasting success.


Be a Voice For All
Pursue Presence with Future Focus
Look Inward to Grow Outward
Take Bold and Brave Steps

The 1% Pledge

SpeakUp Now will donate 1% of the following back into the community to help others:


of profits
of product
of employee time

Contact Us

  • info@speakupnow.com

  • 1-800-648-7341

  • 1112 Montana Avenue Unit 244
    Santa Monica, CA 90403