Optimizing Mental Performance and Overcoming Adversity By Joanna Lohman

Joanna Lohman is a global keynote speaker who is building a new generation of authentic leaders who redefine success. She is a former professional soccer player and member of the United States Women’s National Team. During her 16-year professional career, she built a platform for social impact and became the first player in Washington Spirit history to have her jersey retired. She is the author of "Raising Tomorrow's Champions", an extraordinary parenting and life lessons book as told through the eyes of the greatest women's soccer players of all-time. Joanna is also a human rights activist and a Sport Diplomat traveling the world leading programs in less developed nations. As a performance coach and professional speaker, she has shared her message with organizations all over the world, including: Amgen, The Minnesota Vikings, The Human Rights Campaign, Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Qualcomm, McDonald’s, American Staffing Association, and schools and universities all over the country.

Joanna graduated from Pennsylvania State University on a full athletic scholarship. She became one of the most decorated players in Penn State history as a four-time Academic All American, Big Ten Player of the Year, and Captain of the Women's Soccer Team.

With her trademark blonde mohawk, multi-hyphenated existence, and her own experience with injury, defeat, and setback, Joanna strives to live an unabashedly authentic life based around deep-rooted acceptance and helps others discover a comfort in their own skin.

Relevant Topics for “Optimizing Mental Performance and Overcoming Adversity”

1. Embrace the human behind high performance.

2. 3 keys to ignition for optimization.

3. Overcoming adversity and benefiting from resiliency.

4. Hard work and practice will lead to success.

Joanna’s Resources

1. www.joannalohman.com

2. https://joannalohman.com/champions-mindset

3. https://joannalohman.com/summer-soccer-camp

4. Book: Raising Tomorrow’s Champions