Shedding Perfectionism By Gena Chieco

Gena is a former lawyer turned Life & Executive Coach, with an identity rooted in self-actualization coupled with a deeper purpose of inspiring others to reach their full potential personally and professionally.

In her first career as a lawyer, Gena proudly served both terms of the Obama Administration as a trusted advisor to principals, including at the White House. She then held the dual role of General Counsel and Chief of Staff at a cleantech startup, highlighting her multifaceted talents. In what she would appreciate with hindsight as a midlife awakening, she left the startup to pursue a metamorphic travel sabbatical and completed a coaching program, setting her on a new career path.

An expert in leadership development, Gena provides a supportive and dynamic coaching experience for clients to identify their innate talents, lead from a place of inner wisdom, shed things holding them back, drive positive results, and transform. Gena is a Founding Guide for CHIEF and a proud partner to the Sabbatical Project, among others. She offers bespoke individual and group coaching programs and leads workshops and retreats.

Gena's narrative is a testament to her evolution from public service lawyering to coaching as an inspiring catalyst for metamorphosis, while infusing purpose and empowerment into every chapter of her journey.

Gena received her BA with Honors in Psychology from Northwestern University and JD from the University of Virginia School of Law. In addition, Gena is a member of the Advisory Board of SpeakUp Now.

Relevant Topics for “Shedding Perfectionism”

1. Identifying the distinction between perfectionism and striving for excellence.

2. Gaining mindfulness of coping mechanisms such as perfectionism.

3. Understanding how to heal perfectionism.

4. How managers and leaders can foster cultures that help employees shed perfectionism.

5. Recognizing the importance of self-compassion.

6. Turning inward for wisdom and support.

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